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169 days ago

This is awesome! i signed up for tradenet and got a 6 month trading journal - couldnt be more happy. Imported 2 weeks of trades in 10 seconds. I asked for them to add Thinkorswim we will see.


197 days ago

Just signed up to track my Tradenet trades. Imported a little over 200 executions with no problems. This will be a great addition to my trading plans.


197 days ago

Wow. I just imported 421 tradenet executions from January 1, 2018 to March 3, 2019. It was super fast and now i have lots of trades to analyze. Sweet!


211 days ago

Imported today. Really interesting platform. Can you add ThinkorSwim?


224 days ago

I just finished importing my Robinhood trades. The platform is awesome. I needed this. They need to add more brokers though. TEFS, ThinkorSwim, and Etrade coming next. Will help me get more data in.


224 days ago

MyTiker is awesome. I told them to add csv file imports for ThinkorSwim and they told me they are in the process. Can't wait! Imported all my Robinhood trades. Had no problems. This will have me set for 2020.


225 days ago

This is what I needed. Imported my full year of trades from Robinhood. Not one error. Love it.


226 days ago

This is pretty cool. I love the platform. It helps to track your trades instead of just carelessly throwing your money around. Can't wait to see what they add in 2020.


227 days ago

Robinhood imports are awesome. The platform is going to be a great addition to my 2020 trading plans. They should add more broker though.