Privacy Policy

LAST UPDATED ON January 14, 2020

The present Privacy Policy applies to MyTiker, LLC and its affiliates (collectively, "MyTiker") and sets forth the terms and conditions regarding the collection, handling and usage of personal information and information provided through or using MyTiker’s website (the "Website"). Please read this privacy policy before accessing or using the Website (


Your access and usage of the Website constitutes your acceptance of the terms established in this Privacy Policy (the "Policy"), as may be revised from time to time. Any submission or provision of personal information through or involving the Website will be governed by this Policy. This Policy has been prepared in accordance with laws applicable in the United States


To access certain portions of the Website, users may be required to provide personal information. Personal information refers to information regarding an identifiable individual. Such information includes the user's name, email address, contact information, etc. To comply with applicable privacy laws, MyTiker will only collect and handle personal information provided voluntarily by users of the Website.


Where possible, MyTiker will obtain the user's consent prior to any usage, storage, handling and collection of the user's personal information. The consent provided must be explicit and specific. Users under the age of eighteen (18) are unable to provide valid consent and are therefore not authorized to use the Website.


The privacy procedures established by MyTiker apply to MyTiker's officers, directors, employees, consultants, affiliates and other third parties (collectively, the "Affiliates") who may access users' personal information. MyTiker will disclose personal information to Affiliates on a limited and "as needed" basis. The Affiliates will be governed by this Policy and will be subject to obligations as strict and enforceable as those detailed in this Policy.


MyTiker will use personal information for purposes of fulfilling the mandate provided in the Website user's consent. MyTiker will use personal information to the extent that the usage is required to fulfill the purposes detailed in this section. By providing personal information to MyTiker, you agree that MyTiker may use it to perform services as described on the Website. Personal information provided may be used to inform users of opportunities, provide customized offers, and information of interest. Further, MyTiker may use personal information to communicate with the user, respond to questions and provide information. Personal information provided by on or using the Website may be used for internal research, development and promotional purposes. Personal information provided on or using the Website may also be used to assess trends, interest, and for purposes of improving the Website.


MyTiker will not communicate or disclose any personal information provided on the Website to any third party, except in accordance with the terms of this Policy. MyTiker may however disclose personal information to comply with any applicable law or regulation. If a valid court order requires the provision of personal information by MyTiker, MyTiker will provide the personal information in accordance with the instructions and requests stipulated in the court order. In such case, MyTiker undertakes to give the user notice to allow the user to institute all appropriate proceedings.


The personal information collected from the Website will be handled in a manner that protects the security and confidentiality of the information. The procedures implemented by MyTiker are established to protect the integrity and confidentiality of the personal information and are destined to protect such information against unauthorized disclosures and other breaches.


All users who provide personal information to MyTiker will have certain rights pertaining to the personal information provided. Users will have the right to be informed of MyTiker’s usage of their personal information. Users will also have the right to access the personal information they provide to MyTiker. Users will also have the right to request the correction or removal of incorrect or incomplete personal information. Upon written request by the Website user, MyTiker will remove and delete personal information from its servers.


MyTiker will not transfer users’ information outside the United States, except if necessary and to countries that have complied with strict privacy and information protection regulations.


Any purchases made through or using the Website will be completed via an unaffiliated payment service provider ("Payment Service"). All personal information provided to the Payment Service will be governed by the Payment Service's terms and conditions and privacy policy. MyTiker is not responsible for the usage or collection of personal information by the Payment Service. For avoidance of doubt, MyTiker does not collect, process or receive payment information regarding the users of the Website.


MyTiker reserves the right to use "cookies" on the Website. Cookies consist of information files that are downloaded on a user's computer upon the user's access to a specific website. Cookies may be disabled by the user; however, some portions of the Website may not function properly if cookies are disabled.

Intellectual Property

Copyright © 2019 MyTiker LLC, All Rights Reserved. Trademarks, marks or other intellectual property may be published on our Website. We own or have secured all required consents to publish such intellectual property. Any trademarks and intellectual property displayed on our Website may be protected by intellectual property laws. All rights relating thereto are reserved. You are authorized to print and copy portions of the Website solely for personal, non-commercial use and reference purposes. We do not authorize the reproduction, modification, or transmission of the intellectual property on our Website to any third party without our prior specific written consent.


This Policy applies solely to the Website despite that it may link to other web sites. Any links to third party websites by the Website is provided for convenience and informative purposes only. Such third-party websites are not governed by this Policy and MyTiker has no control over the third party’s usage of personal information.


MyTiker reserves the right to update, modify or otherwise amend this Policy at any time. MyTiker will publish the updated Policy on the Website and the revised version of the Policy will be binding and enforceable on all Website users as of its publication on the Website.


All questions and concerns regarding this Policy or the information contained within should be sent to MyTiker by email. MyTiker will use its best efforts to promptly answer all inquiries and comments.