MyTiker is here to transform the approach of day-trading. You are going to have good days and bad days; however, if you can just focus your attention on consistent-progressive gains by analyzing your personal trading data daily, Your trading career may completely change your life.

MyTiker was founded in 2019 by Marc Bertolino (a full-time college student and part-time options day-trader). Marc became frustrated with the approach the trading community was taking to track, analyze, and predict their future profitability. "Social media is a beautiful technology but can become your worst enemy, when it comes to trading, because all focus is on the current days trading," Marc explains, "can become very irritating especially when you have a bad trading day."

Focused attention on statistics and quantifiable data of your trading performance is a fundamental aspect of professional trading. Why aren't mainstream traders doing the same? That is what sparked my attention. My name is Marc Bertolino and I have had the honor of working on a supreme trading journal for the mainstream stay at home trader. I have created MyTiker to bring an 'innovative statistical approach to day-trading' for beginner to intermediate traders. My mission: to direct everyday traders to focus on consistent progressive gains by using statistical and analytical functions to predict and adjust errored approaches to trading. If you know you can't beat the professionals, join the professionals.

You need to treat your trading like you are the functions of a trading algorithm, rely on nothing other than statistics and quantitative data. Algorithms rely on two things: statistical methods of profitability and functions to indicate high probability trades. Algorithms do exactly as they are told to do. They do not question what twitters sentiment is, they do not question what other investors are reporting on the company, they use data and trade that data with zero emotion, fear, fomo or doubt. Daily traders should be doing the same thing; however, based on their personal past, present, and future data estimations.

Everyone takes a different approach to trading, Find your edge and take it full scale by Joining MyTiker.